For healthcare organizations

Seamless integration

Imagex allows your organization to easily exchange diagnostic images with other groups and referring physicians. Imagex solves the transferring inefficiencies your organization faces with CDs, VPNs, and cloud solutions.

Imagex’s three primary platforms improve the efficiency of your organization by handling the bulk transfers with as much ease as the one-off sends.

The desktop application provides a conduit between spokes and partner groups without the technological and legal hurdles associated with VPNs. Imagex’s core technology has special legal protection from the HITECH provision, so you can connect your PACS with partner PACS without signing a BAA.

The desktop app allows your organization to transfer patient studies directly from your PACS and auto route them to other groups or post them to referring physicians and patients.

Imagex’s desktop app is feature-rich: set up routing rules, automatically alter DICOM metadata, organize DICOM locations, ingest CDs, and manage your outgoing sends.

When your organization establishes a Medicom Space, you will be able to set up the desktop app within a few minutes.

There are several key components of the desktop app that enable your staff to work efficiently.

The Web Portal enables management of your different locations. Your staff will be able to login at and have access to their account, immediately. Within the portal, a user can manage their accounts and Medicom Spaces, view and download an audit trail, manage servers, send and receive studies, view studies with our viewer, and much more.

See Imagex in action

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