For physicians

Improving the continuity of care

Imagex makes connecting with your radiology providers easy.

Imagex eliminates the need for VPNs, CDs, or cloud solutions with its flexible platform.

Physicians that receive images from outside radiology and healthcare groups or own their own modality have access to Imagex in three unique forms.

The desktop app is designed to create a conduit that handles bulk transfer, much like a VPN but without the technological hassle.

The desktop app enables you to send and receive studies autonomously with a PACS. The desktop app is designed to auto-route studies, organize inbound studies, and ingest studies from a CD. Imagex’s desktop app helps you decrease the time between requesting an image and viewing it with a patient.

The desktop app allows you to have studies automatically uploaded to your PACS and ready to be viewed the moment it is received.

The web portal is the easiest way to manage the exchange of studies.

The web portal gives you the ability to manage your organization, send and receive studies, view studies with our HTML viewer, manage your contacts, and access your audit trail.

When you receive a study through the web portal, you can view it locally with our HTML viewer. Since it is not being delivered from the cloud, you will not have to wait for it to load when you review the images for a second time.

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