Operate a collaborative practice, without paper.

Hex is the information highway that leaves interfacing behind.

Hex is the patient record exchange network that we have all been waiting for: it is peer to peer, universal, interoperable, and easy to implement.

The bounds and limits created by interfacing health record databases is one of medicine’s greatest information system challenges. Interfacing is expensive and time consuming and when systems do finally get interfaced, context rich data is lost because of its uniqueness.

At Medicom, we have imagined a world where patient information exchange is extremely inexpensive, easy to use, and universally adopted.

We are bringing the core technology and engineering principles we have used to standardize diagnostic image exchange over to the health record exchange.

Medicom will be offering the Health Record Exchange (Hex) in combination with Imagex.

Please read more about our established Imagex.

Decision support software

Medicom is on the forefront of bringing artificial intelligence to medicine. Medicine is moving at a new pace, and we believe that technology should help medical professionals make decisions in a meaningful and insightful way.

We are using anonymized metadata from Hex to feed our artificial intelligence algorithm; this algorithm will suggest clinical trials and research studies that relate to patients, and will eventually help doctors formulate treatment plans.