Manage your clinic without CDs, VPNs, or the Cloud.

Imagex is the elegant, 3-in-1 image transfer solution.

Transfer original quality images to healthcare groups, referring physicians, and patients with ease through Medicom’s proprietary conduit. Medicom eliminates the hassle of CDs, VPNs, and the cloud.

Our mission is to simplify the exchange of patient data for your organization and improve the continuity of care for patients, while reducing cost for providers.

Discover how Imagex can be tailored to your needs.

For healthcare organizations

Connect seamlessly

Connect your hub and spoke locations with ease

Expand your referring network and establish new connections

Connect your organization without new hardware

For referring physicians

Improving the continuity of care

Receive studies by just providing your email address — no account sign up necessary

View studies by simply following a link in an email and confirming your access code

Transfer studies back to the sender at no cost

For radiology groups

Expand your referring network

Simple integration with your PACS streamlines the exchange of studies

Autoroute studies to high-volume locations

Deliver studies to referring physicians with an HTML viewer without the referring provider needing a “login”

Security is our number one priority.

Medicom exceeds HIPAA’s requirements for encryption and audits. We are striving to set the standard.

Disconnect VPNs

with the Imagex desktop app

Ditch the cloud

with the Imagex web portal

Never lose a study with persistent sending.

Medicom offers the first persistent solution that does not
require hardware. Rest assured, your studies will be delivered
even if you have an outage.

It’s easy to use! We don’t have to burn CDs. It’s handy, it’s convenient, we can upload a study and go about our business.

Mary P.
Chief Nuclear Medicine Tech

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