Web portal

Your hub on the web

The Medicom web portal is the easiest way to manage your facility. In the web portal you can exchange and view images, manage your users, manage your servers, browse your audit trail, and proctor your Medicom Space security.


Add users

Add new users to your Medicom Space by simply entering their email address. New users will automatically get an invite to join your Medicom Space.

Admin panel

Manage and enforce security settings such as two-factor authentication and view server and user statuses to make sure studies are transferring smoothly.


Send and receive studies directly from your web portal through your dashboard.

Audit trail

Administrators may access the audit trail through the web portal and download full audit logs in a CSV or Excel format.


Enable notifications to get notified when a file has been received, when your study has been delivered, with daily statistics about your server and much more. You may elect to receive notifications by email, text, or on your desktop.

Medicom viewer

In the web portal, you have access to view studies in our HTML viewer.

Windows servers

Manage your server installations remotely with the Medicom server dashboard.

See how the web portal can improve your workflow.