White papers

Our white papers provide technical specifications about our products for sophisticated buyers and should aide in the evaluation and implementation of our solutions.

Overview of Imagex

Last updated: June 2016
I. Data Transfer and Security
II. Accounts, Licenses and Privileges
III. Account Setup
IV. User Interface - Web Portal
V. User Interface - Desktop Application

Case studies

Read about how our customers have used our solutions to solve their unique challenges. These success stories contextualize how our solutions have solved problems in the past, and how they can be used to solve new problems in the future.

Imagex case studies

Last updated: June 2016


Our guides walk-through the basic functionality of our solutions and provide technical details relevant to advanced installations.

Imagex web portal guide

Last updated: June 2016

Imagex desktop app guide

Last updated: June 2016


Our brochures provide a high-level overview of our solutions, and should help executives understand the potential benefits and advantages of using Medicom products.

Imagex sales brochure

Last updated: June 2016